Bavarian Radio visited the largest cone splitter of the world

Granted – it were quite hot days at Interforst 2014 in Munich. One had the feeling that the sun will ever know no mercy. The many visitors to our booth, however, largely offset the almost inhuman temperatures. Each visitor was important for us. We especially looked forward to our existing customers who reported very often about interesting practical assignments of our cone splitters.
Especially we would like to emphasize, that since Interforst we supply retailers for the first time from the following countries:

  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Russia

Even the Bavarian Broadcasting has visited us at the booth and had a close look at the largest cone splitters of the world. The device is seen briefly at the beginning of the movie and at minute 4 of it

Thomas Hettegger Interview: Another recording from Bavarian Broadcasting – also from a trade show